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"Singing lessons with Sarah were educational, great fun and fantastic confidence builders too." 



Launched in the summer of 2009, “Sarah Benton Vocals” was set up by Sarah Benton and exists to develop the vocals of students of all ages and abilities. Educated to degree level, having received her Bachelor of Arts in ‘Music with Instrumental and Vocal Music Teaching’, Sarah has continued studying ‘Contemporary Music Performance’ at MA level at the ACM in Guildford.

Whether in person or online, One-2-One lessons provide a great opportunity for personal vocal development. The student will get undivided attention with lessons specifically designed to improve their unique voice and vocal abilities. Sarah believes that this is the most effective way of helping students and is done in a very relaxed and fun way.

To arrange bookings, and any other queries you may have please don't hesitate to get in contact with Sarah Benton Vocals.

Current fees are as follows:

  • €55 / £50 one hour, €40 / £35 for 40mins. Or why not take advantage of my package deal of 5 one hour lessons for 220 / £200!

  • €40 / £35 one hour for music students


Lesson Breakdown

• Vocal warm up
• Breathing technique & diaphragm control
• Tuning
• Tone
• Stretching the range in both chest, mixed and head voice
• Smoothing out and strengthening up the passagio (break)
• Microphone technique
• Harmonization 
• Building Confidence
• Performance skills
• Action Plan and coaching for Professional Development


Student Performances

Sarah Benton Vocals supports and runs LIVE ‘show casing talent’ nights, encouraging students performance skills in a live setting. 

Thank you for the email. We'll be in contact soon!


“Sessions with Sarah were always fun, relaxed and I always left feeling I had improved in some way. After my 2 or so years training with her my vocal technique and quality had advanced notably. Sarah built my confidence, helping me deal with some anxiety so that performing became much easier and natural. Sarah coached me when I went onto audition and study at The Academy Of Contemporary Music. Without her guidance with vocal technique and how to start in the music industry I honestly don't think I would have been able to achieve what I have done so far.” Olivia Agate


“Sarah gave me the confidence to go for it and live my music dreams! Without Sarah kick-starting my career, I would not have had the confidence to go and succeed in music and am now a fully qualified musician with a BA Hons degree in Music Performance to prove it. Sarah is truly lovely and so professional, without providing any added pressure to the performance environment. She can help with all aspects of vocal training, from vocal techniques to confidence enhancers and cares about each and every one of her students. Sarah is a truly wonderful person and teaches music because she genuinely loves it - this really shows in all her work.” Georgie Walker


“I started singing at the age of 37 at quite a difficult time in my life having just been diagnosed with a chronic illness. I thought it would be good to focus on something new and I'd always loved singing but never learned how to. I had no real ambitions or plans when I started out but after a few lessons Sarah was encouraging me to think about what my goals were and as there was an open mic night happening in a few months we decided to have a solo performance as something to work towards. Whilst we were obviously focusing on technique, one of the unique talents Sarah has is working with people on an emotional and psychological level, encouraging her students and helping people understand what their barriers are and how to overcome them. She also helps people feel the meaning behind the songs they sing, rather than just singing words. By accessing all of that then the vocal technique and confidence follows much more easily. I started with a small open mic night, within a few months I was singing on stage with a live band, performing with live accompaniment on local radio and had the confidence to create my own youtube channel uploading videos of live performances. A year on I was writing and performing my own music and was asked to sing at a friend’s wedding. Sarah’s gift is bringing out the best in people, believing in them and working tirelessly to give amazing opportunities for people to perform and grow. Even at the times when I felt like giving up she never gave up on me! She is no ordinary vocal coach, she has a holistic and personal approach that's about way more than just singing.” Helen Kewell

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